Guided Implant Surgery

In the past implant surgeons relied mainly on traditional dental x-rays to diagnose patients for implant surgery. This limited the ability to determine the bone dimensions and visualize surrounding anatomy. Our office now uses three-dimensional imaging to diagnose your jaws for implant options. This eliminates some of the guesswork involved determining what parts of the jawbone offer the best sites for dental implant placement. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) allows us to visualize the jaw three-dimensionally, but is a faster and safer than a conventional medical CT scan because a much lower dose of radiation is used. At Misch Implant Dentistry we use the Carestream 9000 imaging system offering the highest resolution and the lowest radiation dose.

Dr. Misch uses computer software to plan your implant surgery. Implant planning software, such as SIMPLANT, can be used with your CBCT radiograph to virtually plan and place dental implants into a three-dimensional model of your jaw. By performing your virtual surgery we are able to better plan and insert your implants in optimum sites for your replacement teeth. In more complex cases Dr. Misch may also use guided implant surgery. From the customized plan developed using the implant planning software a computer-generated template is fabricated. This template can allow precision placement of implants in almost the exact position Dr. Misch plans on the computer screen.

Guided surgery often takes less time to perform implant placement and may not require any incisions in the gum. However, it does add cost and added time is needed to order and ship the guide. In the future we will likely print these guides in our office. We are currently evaluating the use of navigational or image guided surgery to guide implant placement from a computer screen. The surgeon has “x-ray vision” using GPS like navigation to perform the implant surgery. However, all this technology is only as good as the surgeon that uses it. It does not replace the judgment and experience of a skilled surgical specialist.

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