Insurance Information

Please let us know if you have dental insurance. Dr. Misch does not participate in any insurance plans. However, if we have received all of your dental insurance information, we will be pleased to provide you with a completed claim form so you can mail it to your insurance carrier. On the form we will instruct your insurance company to send any reimbursement directly to you. If they accidently send us a check, we have to return it so they may reissue it to you. Many patients think their insurance will pay the entire fee for treatment. Most plans only pay a percentage of a “usual or customary” fee that the insurance company calculates. There are also yearly limits on dental benefits you may receive. A preauthorization can be obtained to see what treatment is covered by your plan.

If you are 65 years old or older, Medicare is your primary medical insurance. Medical insurance or Medicare does not typically cover dental extractions, dental implants or associated procedures such as bone grafting. In addition, Dr. Misch has opted out of the Medicare system so our office cannot submit any information or claims to Medicare.